Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Purpose of Life

It's so complicated, why must it be this hard!. What is it trying to teach us, what do you want us to learn!?. Why must you torment, torture, drag us through the mud. IS it really supposed to be like this!
Have you ever shouted at LIFE

 I'm losing my mind!

Is life a test, battle or conquest?. Is it something to fear or greet with arms wide open.
Here's a thought. If a dog lives into old age, it has lived an accomplished life. It has done what "Successful" dogs do. It has dug holes, stuck it's head out the moving car's window taking in the smell of nature. Chased cats, lizards and whatever else it can chase. And became our protectors and best friend. Dogs can pretty much retire having lived an accomplished life. It's the same for a cat.
I owe it to all those who supported me and...
They have ignored you, came to you only when they needed you and made you felt alone most of the time. Yep, that's the meaning of success in Catville.
But is it so for humans?. If we lived to the age of 113 years, were we successful? Did we reach the edges of our potential, were we accomplished?. Maybe yes, maybe no, because life is so complicated. Whereas cats and dogs are born with their purposes and life goals in their genes, we are not so lucky. We do not receive a blueprint, not even a hint.

WHAT is the purpose of life?

Ask yourself this question-
Am I doing what I planned to do with my life, am I on the right track?
If you're not, then you had better get on it, because the purpose of life is simple.

The Purpose of life....is to live a life of Purpose.

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