Friday, February 14, 2014

Startup life

Left my job today, no sweat, I was there temporarily until I got my startup off the ground. I could have gotten better jobs also, with people offering me positions in their companies. But I started working there and I told myself that when I'm finished with this job, I'll be a CEO, and I left, and before this month ends, I'll be a CEO. A CEO of a technology company that could change the world (Literally) and will launch in the US, Canada, UK, India and Australia, all before my 27th Birthday. Gosh, this adventure!!!

I'll use this blog to chronicle my professional startup experiences & my Tumblr,, to chronicle my personal experiences.

Let it begin!!!!!


I'm sorry for my extended leave from blogging. It won't happen again.

Now back to the story

I'll also use this blog to chronicle the rise or fall of my tech startup, GoMindly.

Let it resume!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Design Things that Matter +SocialGood

Design Things that Matter +SocialGood

You are the solution. Design things that matter. The world is in need of creative thinkers ready to engineer solutions for humanity. The Conrad Foundation believes YOU have the potential to create the next world-changing, commercially-viable product or service in the areas of: Aerospace and Aviation, Cybertechnology and Security, Energy and Environment, and Health and Nutrition. The Spirit of Innovation Challenge is the best way to Get Your Genius On ® and create something to benefit humanity. There is still time to form a team and complete the first-phase project before the Oct. 24 submission deadline. Your business plan may be worth $10,000 and a trip to the 2014 Innovation Summit at NASA Johnson Space Center. Not...Read More
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Meetup Organizers: How'd It Go?

Meetup Organizers: How'd It Go?

Three days, hundreds of cities, tens of thousands of participants... As this year's global social good summit draws to a close, we want to know how your local events went! Mashable will be publishing highlights from Meetups around the world, and we will also be featuring select Meetups in the +SocialGood community. Please take a moment to fill us in so that we can consider your event for coverage. Click here to fill in your report and let us know how your local event went:
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Purpose of Life

It's so complicated, why must it be this hard!. What is it trying to teach us, what do you want us to learn!?. Why must you torment, torture, drag us through the mud. IS it really supposed to be like this!
Have you ever shouted at LIFE

 I'm losing my mind!

Is life a test, battle or conquest?. Is it something to fear or greet with arms wide open.
Here's a thought. If a dog lives into old age, it has lived an accomplished life. It has done what "Successful" dogs do. It has dug holes, stuck it's head out the moving car's window taking in the smell of nature. Chased cats, lizards and whatever else it can chase. And became our protectors and best friend. Dogs can pretty much retire having lived an accomplished life. It's the same for a cat.
I owe it to all those who supported me and...
They have ignored you, came to you only when they needed you and made you felt alone most of the time. Yep, that's the meaning of success in Catville.
But is it so for humans?. If we lived to the age of 113 years, were we successful? Did we reach the edges of our potential, were we accomplished?. Maybe yes, maybe no, because life is so complicated. Whereas cats and dogs are born with their purposes and life goals in their genes, we are not so lucky. We do not receive a blueprint, not even a hint.

WHAT is the purpose of life?

Ask yourself this question-
Am I doing what I planned to do with my life, am I on the right track?
If you're not, then you had better get on it, because the purpose of life is simple.

The Purpose of to live a life of Purpose.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Your Success

The life you deserve

We all want it, no matter who we are, where we live. Everyone craves it, the life that we deserve.

But what life do we really deserve, is it the life we're dreaming of?. Does everyone deserve the same thing?. How do you know if you deserve it?. Nice house, luxury cars, supermodels, freedom. Just because you want it, doesn't mean you deserve it.
We have to assess our lives, because what you deserve is on par with what you do, your character. The smart and hard-working are the ones who get the life.
Sit down and think about what you want out of life, where you want to see yourself in 5, 10, 15 years. Figure out the steps necessary to get there, give each step an accomplishing date and place your chart somewhere you'll see it everyday. You can have the life you want, you just have to work at it. Those years will seem like they're far away, but that time WILL pass you and "it will feel like only yesterday". It's what I call "the life trap". You're unknowingly going about with the hustle and bustle of everyday life then you wake up and 15 years has past. And you're sitting there wondering where has the time gone and what do you have to show for it.
You have to plant the seeds now, so you can enjoy the fruits of life later.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Footstep: #2

Does Social Media Matter?

Today for us it seems to revolve around Social media. With Facebook At 1 Billion
, the average user age is 22years and the average time spent is 3+ Hours Per Day For The Average American User  and Twitter has 1/2 billion accounts and massive daily activities and huge chucks of our time. 

Does it make a difference?

For some of us, the answer is YES, it does. For everyone else, it should. 


Twitter gives you the ability to connect with those you admire. Celebrities, tech icons, politicians and other giants of industries are at your reach for a conversation. I have had numerous conversations with Donald Trump and others, and I can say to do that in person it'll be 5000 times harder. Having a conversation with the people you admire, being follow by hundreds, even thousands of people, followed by award winning authors and luxury brands gives you a whopping boost of confidence .
So if you haven connected with those that you admire, don't waste time, you won't regret it.


Connect with strangers, build a relationship and become long-distance friends. If you lived 15 miles outside of town, without a car, what should you do?. Just do what Oliver Babcock did, he went online and not only did he meet people but he also got featured in an article in the May 2013 issue of Wired magazine. Always be connected to those you know. Send a nice message or pics, that you took yesterday, to your family and friends who live in another street,city or country at the other end of the world. Never miss a birthday or anniversary again and with the click of a button, send a gift and a card.

Viva la rivoluzione

Organize, revolt and topple the powers that oppose our human rights. When social media spills off the internet into the physical world, something all-consuming, unstoppable is created. A wave beyond the power of organization and government control is unleashed and they have one choice: Change, or be removed. Using social media to protest has allowed the world to stand together, because the problems of the world are for it's inhabitants to solve.