Monday, June 24, 2013


First Post

Hello, welcome to my first post. This is significant because I have always told myself that I'll never blog. Blog? about what?. Yeah, I'm an inventor (currently off market), and a programmer (first project in the works), and a gamer (beaten every game I played), but what would I blog about?
I guess I'll just blog about what I know, millennial businesses (myself included).

So, here we go, this is the beginning of something entirely new to me, just bear with me and have a little patience, it's a learning process. Here's to growing together                                                            

Hey, you never know, this might be something great in the making. I can safely say that I'm quite experience in the business arena. Having been exposed to different aspects of it my entire life. My main mentor is Donald Trump (yes, actually mentor) and minors include Sheryl Sandberg, Claire Chambers, Daniel Rosensweig and a few others.

This blog is all about Millennials, everyone of them:
         Those at the top  
        who started from the bottom.

And everyone else who's rising. It's a Movement!


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